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Traditional Wedding Marquee Hire

Queensberry are proud to announce we have added traditional marquees to our types of pole marquees – Beautiful features like wooden main and side poles, hessian rope pulleys and side pole guy ropes are used in this type of marquee – a British classic and great for weddings and parties.

We have this marquee in canvas and PVC roof material – The PVC version fitted with our flat white linings and a wider range of lighting, an ideal wow factor for weddings and a personal favourite of ours. The canvas traditional marquee is suited to rustic parties with unlined interiors with festoon/fairy lighting in the roof.

Every single one of our weddings is unique and we have many furniture and lighting options for you to get creative with – if you have an idea let us know and we’ll make it happen.

Traditional Marquee Hire

Our traditional Marquees are perfect for a rustic country wedding. Their wooden main poles make an amazing focal point and are perfect for dressing up with flowers, festoons and fairy lights! We also have a set of beautiful wooden doors for this marquee.

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Marquee Features


Traditional Marquee

Traditional Marquee Hire

Traditional marquee at night

Traditional marquee

Traditional Marquee Hire Scotland

Wooden main poles, hanging wooden planks and wooden tables

Flat White Lining

Flat White Lining Hire

Flat white linings to finish the look

Wooden Main Poles

Queensberry Event Hire - Marquee Wooden Main Poles

Floral Wedding Arch

Queensberry Event Hire - Floral Wedding Arch Hire

Wooden Ridge Bar

Queensberry Event Hire - Wodden Ridge Bar Hire



Product Hire



Cartwheel Hire

Wooden cartwheels with festoons

Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lighting Ideas

Festoons from the mainpoles

Hanging Crates

Marquee Lighting Hire

Hanging crates make a great lighting feature