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Marquee Hire Prices

Marquee hire prices may seem expensive and for most people and an unfamiliar experience. So on this page we attempt to help you answer some basic questions about marquees that we hope will help you decide if a marquee hire is the right option for you.

How much does it cost to hire a marquee?

How long is a piece of string? because the cost is very much dependant of type and specification of your marquee.

Roof only marquee hire

roof only corporate marquee hire

Wedding Ceremony marquee hire

Ceremony marquee hire – seated space only

Full marquee hire wedding reception

Full marquee hire wedding reception


Marquee Hire Prices

  • 6x6m marquee only – £400
  • 12x12m marquee only – £1400
  • 12x18m marquee only – £1800
  • 12x24m marquee only – £2200

Example – marquee hire roof and white walls only.

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Ceremony Marquee Hire Price

  • 12X18M Traditional Marquee – £2950
    • includes: Clear walls, wooden flooring and wooden door unit
  • Wooden folding chair hire price – £3.65 each

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Clearspan wedding marquee hire price

  • 15x35m premium clearspan marquee – £12,500
    • Suspended wooden floor, clear roof sections, lining roof, clear walls, 5m glass door unit.
  • Dance floor hire prices
  • Bar hire prices
  • Table hire prices
  • Lounge hire prices

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From the table above, because our marquee price list ranges from £400 to over £12000. These prices include assembly and set up, however VAT and delivery would need to be added dependant on location,  Furniture hire prices and lighting hire prices will need to be factored on top.

Unfortunately, working out how much your marquee will cost isn’t totally straightforward.

Here are some of our top tips:


Example Marquee Hire Sizes –

So the final marquee hire cost is very much dependant on the shape, size and style of your event. So we advise obtaining quotes is the quickest and easiest way to weigh up your options


12 x 12 Marquee

12 x 42 Marquee

There ere are lots of articles out there on how to plan your wedding, budgeting your wedding etc and we advise doing some research. Because we do think a marquee wedding is the best way to have the wedding you want!

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