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Event Hire Products – Lighting & Accessory Hire

Queensberry hires a range of lighting hire products for Weddings, Garden Parties and Corporate Events.

Fairy Light Canopy

Queensberry Event Hire Marquee Fairy Light Canopy

Above – Fairy light canopy through the whole marquee.

We create these fairy lights in sections for each marquee style – just have over the dance floor area or through the whole marque.

We put these on a dimmer control as these can light the whole marquee on their own. So you can dim at night over a seated area and dance floor to control each area individually for the best atmosphere.

Hanging Floral Ring

Queensberry Event Hire Event Accessory Hire

Hanging Floral Ring backed by a Fairy Light Canopy.

We have metal floral rings in 1, 1.5 & 2m diameter that we hang for florists to decorate.

Hanging Floral Cartwheel

Queensberry Event Hire Hanging Cartwheel Hire

Hanging Floral Cartwheel with glittering fairy lights.

Our stunning wooden cartwheels 1.2m diameter.

Wooden ridge bar

Hire a wooden ridge bar on pulleys to hang at required height between main poles (work at head height and pull up to suit).

Hang lights/apple crates/flowers from this and show off the natural colours.

Exterior Festoon Lighting

Exterior Festoon Lighting

Festoon Lighting and shepherds hooks.

Our festoon lights connect end to end to light up paths, walkways and outside seating areas.

Hang low laying from stakes, 15 inch metal hooks or up high with 2.4 and 3m giant shepherds hooks.

Floodlights & LED Uplighters

Queensberry Event Hire Frame Marquee Hire Scotland

Floodlight trees and Uplighters for around the marquee for atmosphere.






Montreux Chandeliers

Tressel Table Hire

Marquee chandeliers – come with dimmer control – available in cream or black.


Queensberry Event HireLED Up-Lighting

Led up lights – shine lights up wall and onto roof for added atmosphere at night



Want to hire one of our event accessories? Get in touch and we can go through this with you!