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Glass Sides & Sub Steel Flooring

Upgrade your marquee & add clear wall panels, clear gable triangles & clear roof sections. Looking for a perfect floor? Add sub steel flooring & glass sides for that extra wow!


Clear Walls

If your location provides beautiful views, why not opt for clear sides? Allowing an open space, natural light & amazing views. Clear sides are also popular in the winter months, allowing you to make the most of late afternoon sun while inviting the crisp & fresh vibrancy of a winters evening in!

Clear Roofs

Clear roofs panels are becoming increasing popular & we can see why! They offer a more contemporary finish & give more of an outside inside feel, allowing lots of natural daylight to flood inside the marquee. Once the sun has set, it also allows that feeling of dancing user the stars!

Sub Steel Fooring

Our system enables us to iron out differences in ground levels, providing you with a perfectly flat floor. We construct  a level steel framework, before inserting wooden floorboards. The whole framework is then built on top. No need to worry about uneven ground, flowerbeds or a sloping ground with our sub steel flooring. Some benefits include water running under the floor rather than over it, faster recovery of grass & an elevated floor with an enhanced view!

Glass Sides

Solid glass is definitely the ultimate option to maximise that special view. Ground conditions must be flat (with sub steel flooring) for the glazing to be fitted. The glass provides a very professional finish, a more rigid structure & is more aesthetically pleasing – ideal for corporate events & weddings with a high quality finish. It’s a very sturdy construction especially for windy & exposed sites!


Oasis Event Door

We have a long standing relationship with Oasis Event Door Ltd, who have been the go too supplier of event glazing for decades, we have an extensive stock of high end event glazing, ready to go for your event. A budget friendly alternative is clear PVC walls and clear roof sections. Both options will flood the marquee with natural daylight & provide that open space, stunning view atmosphere.


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