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Clear Sides and Glazing

We stock; clear wall panels, clear gable triangles (frame marquee), clear roof sections (frame marquee) and also glass sides instead of plastic.

All of our door units are 3m wide glass french doors with inbuilt ramps.

clear walls (pole or frame marquee)

Queensberry Event Hire Pole Marquee Hire

Clear gable end (frame marquee)

Queensberry Event Hire Clearspan Frame Marquee Hire

Clear roof panels (frame marquee)

Glass Sides (frame marquee)


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With glazing, you pay for what you get really. Due to our long-standing relationship with Oasis Event Door Ltd who have been the go too supplier of event glazing for decades we have an extensive stock of high-end event glazing, ready to go onto your event. If you don’t have the budget for glazing then we can provide clear PVC walls and roof sections. Both options will allow natural light in or provide a view of something special.



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