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When planning a party, it’s easy to get carried away with the finer details. Of course, the interior decor and finishing touches you choose will really make your party one to remember – but it’s important to lay the foundations first. If you’re looking into party marquee hire but not sure where to begin, we’ve put together this article to help you avoid those party planning faux pas!

Marquee Size

First thing’s first. Before choosing which marquee to hire, think carefully about your space. We can fit marquees comfortably into smaller gardens or accommodate larger guest lists. The most important element to consider is how many guests you are actually expecting. Most people naturally gravitate to the largest marquee size that their space will allow, but the number of guests should be the deciding factor for size. Our marquee hire size guide is a useful starting point.

Pick too large a marquee and your party will feel sparse, even when all of your guests arrive. It’s often better to go slightly smaller than you might like, as long as you can still accommodate everybody. A bustling marquee is the key to creating a great party atmosphere!


Do you need to include flooring with your party marquee hire? Not all occasions will require wood flooring. Hard floors are great for weddings and instances when marquees are required as an extension to your interior space. But Pro-Flooring or coconut matting can also be cost effective options for exclusively outdoor events.

Pro-Flooring is a heavy duty rubber matting that can be laid on grass and allows moisture to flow underneath, whilst keeping your venue dry. Planning a night on the tiles? We have an extensive range of fabulous dance floors to suit every occasion!

Christmas Party Seating

Furniture options are next on your list. Your choice will depend on the kind of event you are hosting. For example, a children’s birthday party will require a different seating plan than an intimate drinks doo. Go-to round tables and chairs are great for a wedding reception, but if you’re throwing a garden party you will need the space to be more flexible.

Consider using whisky barrels that guests can stand beside whilst milling around with stools also provided. We find that a mix of seating works best, combining whisky barrels with soft seating allows your party to evolve with your guests’ needs throughout the day and into the night. We’ve all welcomed a comfy seat after a few hours on the dancefloor!

And then, the real fun starts!

We have a vast range of optional accessories to set the theme for your Christmas Party, from rustic whisky barrel tables to elegant chandelier lighting – don’t worry, we’re on hand with an expert pair of hands to help craft your perfect venue.

Ready to book your party marquee hire? Get in touch with our team and let us be your guides in planning the event of the season!

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