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10 reasons why you should choose a marquee wedding!

When it comes to planning a wedding, finding the perfect setting for your day is top of the list. Struggling to decide between a traditional venue or marquee hire Scotland? Here are 10 reasons why a marquee makes a fantastic venue for your wedding day.

1. You get to choose your venue

All you need for a marquee wedding is a patch of grass, and we will do the rest! It doesn’t even need to be perfectly flat – our suspended floors can level a bumpy field. This means you can choose a special location that means something to you. It could be land near where you grew up or a place that holds fond memories. Looking for somewhere different? The beauty of marquee hire is that there are so many scenic spots to choose from, whether it’s a spectacular coastline or country views. There are also lots of established wedding venues which host marquees receptions.



2. Your marquee is built especially for you

No two marquee weddings are quite the same – your marquee is built for you, making it unique for your wedding day! Unlike a reception room in a hotel where one-size must fit all, the marquee size will be tailored to suit your exact needs, to suit the number of guests you are going to have. To avoid the venue being too small and cramped, or too roomy and losing atmosphere, we can build the marquee up to fit the size of any event, to get the size just right and help create the perfect atmosphere.

Wedding ceremony marquee at home!

ivory lining with bespoke blue drapes

From field to wedding venue at home.


3. You get to design a marquee that suits your day

Now you have the space – what can you do with it? First, you get to choose the interior that suits your style – we have lots of different variations, from hire furniture to marquee fairy lights and interior roof linings. No two wedding marquees look the same. Then you get to create a layout that optimises your location and perfectly suits your ideas for your day. From the position of the reception area and the bar, to the dining and dancing areas, the vision is yours to create. And if you’re stuck, we have plenty of great ideas!

outdoor wedding ceremony marquee hire


4. You get to show off a fabulous view

Marquees bring the great outdoors inside, so for marquee hire Scotland, you don’t need to worry about the weather! However, if your marquee is in a location with a stunning view, we want to make sure you can see it. Our Queensberry wedding marquees and Traditional pole marquees are great as they have high roofs and can be supplied with panoramic clear window walls, which means that you still see that lovely view when you are inside the marquee too. Clear window walls also help to open up the space and add natural light during the day.

Queensberry Event Hire - Stage Hire

Outdoor wedding ceremony marquee


5. A marquee hire is a blank canvas to create your own theme

One of the most exciting advantages of marquee hire is that you can be as creative as you like with your themes and colours as you don’t have to work around existing decors at traditional venues. You can choose a modern style, or classic, country, vintage or beach themes…the list is endless and the choice is yours! We offer furniture hire and lighting hire in a variety of colours and designs to help enhance your scheme, from whisky barrels and festoon lights to cream chandeliers, ivory linings and coloured up-lights – all to create a beautiful atmosphere of your choice. We also have bespoke dance floors that create a fantastic focal point and are irresistible for dancing!

Your marquee hire is set up before your wedding so you have plenty time to plan, prepare and preen your venue to perfection, giving it your own personal twist. That’s the fun part!



6. Less restrictions on the number of guests

You get to choose your guest numbers with a marquee hire. While you do need to make sure that you have got the right size structure to accommodate everyone, it is up to you how it works. Formal or informal, whatever your day or evening guest numbers, a marquee is a flexible room which can be created in a size to fit your celebration. For a small ceremony and a big reception, you could hire a main marquee and a smaller one, and even have different sites.

Two marquees – drinks reception and dinner and dancing marquee


7. You can work within your budget

Whatever the size of your budget, a marquee wedding gives you greater flexibility to work within your marquee hire price range. You get to choose your own decor, caterer, menu, bar and florist – there are a great range of suppliers for all budgets. A marquee may initially seem expensive but remember, you have absolute freedom over how you fill your day. To save money, you could have family and friends take on some of the wedding tasks, and you could buy your own booze for the bar! Your wedding can be as simple or as elaborate as you like.

Pole Marquee Interiors

Choose your size/decor/caterer/bar options. Do what you want!



8. You get to choose your own caterer

Being able to select your wedding caterer means you get to choose exactly what you want to eat, rather than being limited by a hotel menu. From pop-up kitchens doing hog roasts to black-tie, sit-down dinners, there is a broad range of amazing event caterers around. They use local food producers and prepare high-quality food to suit all tastes and budgets. Your wedding party marquee will be in for a treat! We have a list of trusted caterers who we have worked with and would highly recommend for any event.

Frame Marquee - Queensberry Event Hire

wild rover food – catered from vintage land rovers from front of marquee


9. Let your personality shine through

This is YOUR big day, and it’s vital to let YOUR personality shine through. If you choose to use a marquee, it’s much more than just a building. Whether you want to follow the traditional wedding day format, or you fancy breaking free from the norm – it really is up to you. By choosing to hire a marquee for your event, you have free reign to do whatever you want to create the wedding day of your dreams!

Featured Prosecoo Van from Berry & co: Prosecco van hire

Prosecco van hire – drinks reception with a difference!


10. You get to choose your finish time!

Nobody wants the party to end too early and, within reason, at a marquee wedding you can decide the finish time, so make sure you have some good music sorted to ensure that everyone is up dancing until the wee hours! Another joy of this is there are no pesky curfews or noise limits. And you can even carry the celebrations on by using the space the next day for post-wedding festivities, whether that’s a chilled-out lunch or some energetic Highland games

marquee dance floor – dance the night away!

marquee dance floor – fairy lights