The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2017

Katy Coltart - Friday, August 11, 2017
Whether you’re having a small intimate ceremony or a hosting a two-day matrimonial do, an unforgettable wedding requires something special.
Here are the hottest new trends that are taking (or just about to take) the wedding market by storm! From bridal fashion to totally fabulous marquee decoration ideas, check out our ones to watch.

Bridal Capes

If Gal Gadot’s fiery feminist performance has got you hot under the collar, you are going to love the latest bridal trend. These feminine floor length draperies are reminiscent of a traditional bridal veil, but begin at the shoulders and flow all the way down to the train of the dress.
What else is on trend? Pastel wedding dresses and metallic, beaded gowns.

Natural Decor

If the thought of an exclusively outdoor wedding has you sending for the smelling salts, jump on the latest trend for weddings that are bringing the outside in. This year it’s all about sumptuous floral centrepieces, potted trees and beautiful wreaths suspended from the ceiling. One of our absolute favourite marquee decoration ideas is to use a panoramic clear frame marquee in a traditional walled garden setting, then mirror the indigenous plants and flowers of the garden inside.
What else is on trend? Vintage glamour and rustic, barn dance themes.

Project Your Theme

Want to turn the grand ballroom into an enchanted forage? Image mapping technology allows you to project moving images or creative lighting across the walls and ceiling of your venue, completely transforming the space. The best part is you can go with totally different effects for your daytime celebrations and evening reception, setting an entirely different tone for each event.

On a budget? LED up-lights are a great way to get creative with lighting both inside and outside your venue, just be sure to choose colours that work with your theme and you’ll have no problem setting the mood when the sun goes down.
What else is on trend? Live-stream ceremonies, antler chandeliers and custom Snapchat filters.
Want to keep your wedding ahead of the curve? Our amazing events team are on hand to help. Whether you’re going for a traditional, rustic theme or an achingly glamorous vintage venue - we are brimming with unique marquee decoration ideas and lighting inspiration that will illuminate your big day.

Get in touch with us today and let’s plan a wedding that’s unmistakably you.


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