Depending on your personality type, planning your own wedding could be your idea of a militarily-precise heaven or your ultimate logistical nightmare. But as with most events, the most daunting part of planning a wedding is usually deciding where to begin.

We always advise our clients to ‘begin at the beginning’ - but where exactly is that? Here are 3 practical places to start when planning your big day.

Set Your Budget

Knowing exactly how much you have set aside for your big day can help you decide on the size of your guest list, which venues to consider and how many extras you’ll be looking into - the big things that will really shape the course of your planning process.

Make a list of all your necessary spends and allocate a portion of your budget to each. For example, how much are you willing to fork out for your dream venue, catering and music? This way, you won’t waste time looking through thousands of optional extras that you haven’t allowed for (if only it was that easy!) or agonising over price lists if money is no object.

If you’re planning a low-key, handmade-style wedding be sure to factor in enough time in your planning schedule for putting things together like seating plans, crafty centrepieces and handwritten place cards.

Pick Your Theme

The low-key, vintage wedding is a timeless wedding theme that’s been very much in-vogue recently. It’s a great way to give your big day a quaint, intimate feel without blowing the budget. But, unless you’re handing everything over to a local events company, these things take time.

When choosing your theme, first ask yourself this: “What do we want our wedding to say about us?” Many couples prefer something traditional or low-key - and that’s absolutely fine - but if you want to throw a superhero-themed reception or a roaring 20’s Gatsby-esque ball, then deciding on your theme will help you decide which invites to send, how to arrange your venue, whether to have a wedding band or hire a dance floor and even what will be on the menu.

It’s easy to see how choosing your theme quickly throws up your next set of ‘to-dos’.

Choose Your Venue

Not married to a certain theme, date or budget? The location you choose can go a long way to shaping any event. An outdoor wedding in July might lend itself perfectly to a BBQ followed by a barn dance, whereas a lochside wedding in November will call for a cosy, inside space for your meal and reception.

You might love the idea of tieing the knot on a sandy, Caribbean shore - but can you realistically expect all your friends and relatives to get there? Considering the logistics of the trip for your guests will avoid undue stress and aggravation down the line and help ensure that those close to you are able to share your special day.

If you’re getting married abroad, this is a good place to start as you’ll need to secure your venue in good time so that travel arrangements can be finalised in advance.

Any good wedding planner will offer you an initial consultation at the venue you are interested in and be able to talk you through your options and give you ideas. If you are flexible when it comes to dates, you can often secure a winter-deal on some of the country’s most exclusive wedding venues, too.

Our most important takeaway for would be wedding planners is this: Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed! There will be lots to decide on, but everyone has to start somewhere. Take time to think about what’s most important to you (that could be budget, theme, venue or location) then let this shape your next steps, one at a time.

If you’re looking for a helping hand in planning your big day, our friendly team are always on hand with help and advice on everything you’ll need - from choosing from some of Scotland’s most beautiful wedding venues to putting those finishing touches to your wedding marquee.

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Weddings at Dalswinton Estate

Katy Coltart - Friday, August 25, 2017
Think legends of the Scottish monarchy, rolling forestry and vast enchanting moorlands… Sounds like the magical location you’ve been looking for?
Dream Wedding Venues in Dumfries

It’s no secret that the team here at Queensberry Events are a wealth of local knowledge. But when planning your big day, you might not be lucky enough to live a stone’s throw away from your dream venue. That’s why we’re partnered with some of the most exclusive venues and breathtaking locations throughout Scotland and Northern England.
With so many amazing wedding venues in Dumfries alone, we’ve decided to feature our newest venue in this week’s blog.

The Historic Dalswinton Estate

From the distinctive Watchman clump of trees atop the Dalswinton Moor, the estate stretches through dense forest and rolling hills down to the Northern floodplain of the River Nith. A strategic location, it was used both by Scottish King, Robert the Bruce and his rivals, during their tussle for the crown in the fourteenth century.
Marquee Weddings in the Walled Garden
The winding paths and surrounding trees make Dalswinton Estate’s charming walled garden the perfect site for your wedding marquee. Set your reception in an enchanted forest, day or night, using outdoor lighting and one of our clear sided marquees. The garden setting naturally lends itself to a chic, country style wedding. Why continue the theme inside with your own floral centrepieces and marquee decorations?

Ceremonies in Dalswinton Church

Nestled within the grounds of Dalswinton lies the red Barony Church. Only 5 minutes away from our marquee site in the walled garden, it’s just the place for couples seeking an intimate wedding venue in Dumfries.

Wedding Photographs by the Loch

If you’ve ever attended a lochside wedding, you’ll already know that there’s something quite magical in the serenity of the water’s edge. The walled garden at Dalswinton opens up onto the lochside making it the ideal location for capturing those special memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Couples searching for an exclusive country wedding venue in Dumfries are invited to contact us to arrange a viewing. Realise your dream wedding with the help of our experienced event planners at this spectacular rural escape, just 7 miles from Dumfries.

How to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Katy Coltart - Thursday, June 22, 2017
You’re finally planning the idyllic summer wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Think wildflowers, warm sunshine and teary eyed in-laws.

But we’ll hazard a guess that a dose of sunstroke and a pair of singed thighs weren’t on your list of favours.

Because as much as it’s ‘your’ day, we know you want your loved ones to remember your wedding day for the right reasons.

With everything from guest hydration to small marquee hire - we show you how to avoid those sizzling ceremony faux-pas and keep your guests cool for an epic summer wedding.

Before the Big Day

Get real on those invites.

Forewarning guests of your plans for the day will help avoid an uncomfortable ceremony. If your summer wedding will include an outdoor ceremony where there is minimal shade, be sure to highlight this so that your loved ones can prepare and dress appropriately.

Don’t forget to show your guests you are thinking of them! If you will be booking a small marquee hire to provide a shaded area, let them know. Older guests and those with small children will feel more relaxed knowing they can cool off if they need to.

Before the ceremony

Everyone has illusions of their wedding day being the one where everything runs to time, the bride appears just as the guests are seated and the ceremony itself is swift and irresistibly sweet.

But even the best-laid plans can go awry. So if you’re planning for a short 15-minute ceremony in the height of summer, make sure you prepare to keep your guests comfortable - even if there is a delay.

Consider small marquee hire

Even if you’re throwing a big marquee reception, a smaller marquee can provide a welcome shaded area on a hot summer’s day. Our pagoda marquees come in sizes starting from just 6 x 6m with standing room for 54 people or space to host a ceremony with 40 guests! These pint-sized luxury marquees also offer a budget friendly solution for post-ceremony tipples or a place for guests to cool off before or after an outdoor ceremony.

Set-up for sun protection.

You can add a personal touch by providing your own customised sunglasses, bottles of suncream or parasols to protect your guests from the sun and provide a momento of the day. Make these little extras available for guests to pick up as they arrive at the venue.


During the ceremony.

Place coolers packed with ice water and fruity infusions strategically at the end of the isles. Hydrated guests are happy guests! And when they migrate to the bar after the ceremony, consider starting guests off with a low alcohol cocktail or beer to help them rehydrate after their stint in the sun.

No burnt bums.

Don’t have guests on the edge of their seats for the wrong reasons. Avoid metal and even wooden seating options for summer days. Instead, opt for fabric seating options or invest in fabric seat cushions to keep your guests comfortable during the ceremony.

After the ceremony

Rehydrate: avoid the hard stuff.

It might sound like a drag, but kicking off the festivities with a lower ABV beverage can actually make for a happier experience all round. Dehydration can make people irritable and light headed, so offering lower alcohol refreshments will help to revitalise guests after a stint in the sun. You can have fun with this by including mocktails for wee ones and teetotallers, too!

Posh ice poles

If there’s one thing wedding guests love, it’s a touch of nostalgia! Especially if it’s edible. Classic ice-poles are a fun reception appetiser that can be enjoyed by everyone. Their plastic wrappers make them (reasonably) clean and easy to eat whilst mingling post-ceremony.

Posh ice-poles are super easy too. Jump on the latest trend for prosecco-pops or try designing your own cocktail-inspired ice lollies by mixing your favourite tipples with fresh fruit or fizz for a signature treat.

Want to throw an epic summer wedding that you and your guests will remember - for all the right reasons?

Get in touch with our events experts who can talk you through everything from the most appropriate seating options to festoon lighting to illuminate your small marquee hire.

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3 Reasons Why Wedding Marquees are Super Practical

Katy Coltart - Friday, June 02, 2017

It’s no secret, we LOVE a marquee wedding! If you want to make an impact, there’s no feature more stunning than an elegant white pole marquee with flowing peaked roof (oh, but don’t tell the bride). But looks aren’t everything! Short and sweet, here are just 3 totally practical reasons to have your own wedding marquee.

  1. 1. Where the heart is. There’s just something so romantic about a wedding at home. Everyone’s so relaxed and the atmosphere is chilled out and friendly. The location naturally holds sentimental value for you both, but for lots of your friends and family too. And you don’t have to have a stately home or acres of garden space to set up your wedding marquee at home. Our pagoda marquees are ideal for intimate receptions where space is at a premium and they can be joined together to give you exactly the space that you want.
  2. 2. All features great and small. Whether you’re planning a family affair or the party of the year, a wedding marquee gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to the guest list. Pop a few pagodas together to get hitched at home or hire a speciality wedding marquee for a well-attended formal doo. Our stunning pole wedding marquees are custom made in New Zealand due to their superior quality and are extendable by 42m each, in 6m increments. That’s not including your pagoda chill out area or sophisticated pop-up cocktail bar. A small fete pagoda is a great low-cost option if you need a bit of extra square-footage to house the catering team, too. If you’re not into self restraint, the right wedding marquee will give you complete freedom over your guest list.
  3. 3. A room with a view. You’ve finally bagged that venue you’ve always dreamed of… So make the most of it! Really make your surroundings a focal point of the celebrations by choosing open sides or clear walls for your wedding marquee. Picture panoramic views of your dream location whilst you and your guests toast to the happy couple. Does your wedding fantasy involve dinner under the stars? Less Lady & The Tramp and more Montague & Capulet - our brand new Clearspan marquees are about to become the hottest new wedding trend this year, if we do say so ourselves! Delightful in spring and summer, make the most of the outdoors with minimum risk to those certainly-not-spray-tans.

We could go on… Looking for your perfect wedding marquee? Book an appointment at our open weekend on 9th and 10th June near Dumfries to see our gorgeous marquees in the flesh.

Get in touch with us to make an appointment and let’s talk about your dream wedding!