Top tips Keep Your Dream Wedding Under Budget

Katy Coltart - Wednesday, May 03, 2017

In the run up to your big day, it’s easy to get swept up in the planning process. But remember, your wedding day signifies the beginning of your lives together. Start as you mean to go on with our top tips for keeping your dream wedding within budget!

It's The Little Things

Planning a luxury wedding on a shoestring? Our luxury pagoda marquees hire prices start at under £500 and with marquee sizes from just 6x6m these are perfect for a small intimate ceremony or summer garden reception. Remember, a big guest list doesn’t always call for a big venue. Choose the smallest marquee size that will comfortably accommodate your guests and not the largest you can squeeze into your space. A sparse marquee will make even the most well-attended soirée feel empty, the best parties come in small packages!

Go Vintage

Bag the old, new, borrowed and even blue all in one fell swoop, by going vintage with your venue and outfit. Scour vintage shops for clothes and accessories, you might even come across the dress of your dreams that you wouldn’t find on the high street. Visit local auction houses where you can pick up some beautiful antique furniture pieces and rustic accessories for a steal to use as unique vintage wedding decorations! Our traditional marquees are a stunning vintage feature in themselves, with canvas walls and hessian guy ropes they ooze luxury without the need for expensive decor. Our marquee hire prices might surprise you too!

Be Wardrobe Wise

Ladies, we are all guilty of using the famous tagline “I have nothing to wear!” Even though it’s rarely true. Wear a pair of shoes you already have (and love!) because if you’re wearing a long dress, nobody is going to see them anyway! Keep an eye on auction sites for bridesmaid dresses and accessories, most people only ever wear these once so there really are some bargain to be had in the wedding section!

Stay Focused

Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the photographer. When the day is all over and the honeymoon hangover is setting in, your wedding photographs will be there for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives together. A great photographer can make a low-budget wedding look expensive and a bad one can make your extravagant bash look cheap and tacky. So save on those only-wear-em-once stilettos and invest in those precious memories.

Looking to hire a beautiful marquee at the best price? We have options to suit every budget and occasion. Check out our marquee hire prices or contact our experienced events team today to request a quote.

Party Marquee Hire 101 - Where do I start?

Katy Coltart - Friday, April 21, 2017

When planning a party, it's easy to get carried away with the finer details. Of course, the interior decor and finishing touches you choose will really make your party one to remember - but it's important to lay the foundations first. If you’re looking into party marquee hire but not sure where to begin, we’ve put together this article to help you avoid those party planning faux pas!

Marquee Size

First thing’s first. Before choosing which party marquee to hire, think carefully about your space. We can fit marquees comfortably into smaller gardens or accommodate larger guest lists. The most important element to consider is how many guests you are actually expecting. Most people naturally gravitate to the largest marquee size that their space will allow, but the number of guests should be the deciding factor for size. Our size guide is a useful starting point.

Pick too large a marquee and your party will feel sparse, even when all of your guests arrive. It’s often better to go slightly smaller than you might like, as long as you can still accommodate everybody. A bustling marquee is the key to creating a great party atmosphere!


Do you need to include flooring with your party marquee hire? Not all occasions will require wood flooring. Hard floors are great for weddings and instances when marquees are required as an extension to your interior space. But Pro-Flooring or coconut matting can also be cost effective options for exclusively outdoor events. Pro-Flooring is a heavy duty rubber matting that can be laid on grass and allows moisture to flow underneath, whilst keeping your venue dry. Planning a night on the tiles? We have an extensive range of fabulous dance floors to suit every occasion!

Party Seating

Furniture options are next on your list. Your choice will depend on the kind of event you are hosting. For example, a children’s birthday party will require a different seating plan than an intimate drinks doo. Go-to round tables and chairs are great for a wedding reception, but if you’re throwing a garden party you will need the space to be more flexible. Consider using whisky barrels that guests can stand beside whilst milling around with stools also provided. We find that a mix of seating works best, combining whisky barrels with soft seating allows your party to evolve with your guests’ needs throughout the day and into the night. We’ve all welcomed a comfy seat after a few hours on the dancefloor! And then, the real fun starts! We have a vast range of optional accessories to set the theme, from rustic whisky barrel tables to elegant chandelier lighting - don’t worry, we’re on hand with an expert pair of hands to help craft your perfect venue. Ready to book your party marquee hire? Get in touch with our team and let us be your guides in planning the event of the season! If you’re still looking for inspiration, follow us instagram for our latest unique events!

Queensberry Events Real Wedding Profile - Stuart & Angie

Katy Coltart - Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Stuart and Angie Burgess got married in a marquee from Queensberry Events on their farm in New Abbey, in Dumfries and Galloway, on May 21, 2016. They are now looking forward to the birth of their first child, due on their first wedding anniversary!

Wedding romance…

S: We were at school together. The first time I ever met Angie was when her mum was dropping her brother off at cubs but we didn't speak to each other – we were about seven or eight. Then we were at secondary school together.

A: We got together at our friend's wedding in 2014.

Local attractions…

S: We wanted something that was quite personal to us. We are right next to Sweetheart Abbey, and Criffel, so it was like a ready-made site for a marquee.

A: We found that locally, the venues are quite small and split into different rooms, so we thought it would be nice to keep everyone all together and then nobody would miss out on any chats throughout the night. We thought it would be nice to have it at home and outside. It was in the field behind the cottage, and you can see Sweetheart Abbey, Waterloo Monument and Criffel so it's a really nice background for it.

Path to true love…

A: We had 120 people through the day and another 100 at night, so we got a 12x30m marquee with a wooden floor, with clear walls along the front and along one side, so you can see the monument, Criffel, the Abbey and the fields.

S: We had a path from the field gateway to the marquee door lit up with festoon lights so people knew where to go, and the path was lined with pro-floor to stop muddy shoes and heels sinking into the grass – it did a great job as it had been so wet the day before.

Picture perfect…

A: We got married down at Southwick Church at 1pm, then went to Carsethorn, where I'm from and got some pictures done down on the beach, came here and got a few in front of Sweetheart Abbey, and then headed to the marquee for the meal.

Helping hands…

A: We had some help from friends and we had help from my friend Hannah Jamieson, who owns a company called Silver Events she came and did the tables and all the napkins, and brought us a lovely postbox to put all our mail in. We did the table decorations by ourselves. For the table centrepieces we got my bridesmaid's husband to cut up little logs and we got little baby-size green wellies and filled them with flowers from Donna Craig at Darling Buds in Castle Douglas. The wellies came in handy because we gave them to some of the kids afterwards!

Getting creative…

A: We had the marquee from the Wednesday to the Monday which gave us a day or two before the wedding to get everything set up.

S: Because it's a marquee it's a bit more work for yourself, but it's as much work as as you wanted it to be, really.

A: On the morning of your wedding, decorating is the last thing you want to be thinking about. It was so good to have the extra time. We were still in it the night before though – I think we could have got carried away and went on forever!

S: It was quite handy that the marquee was still there on the day after the wedding so we had a BBQ.

Planning made easy…

A: Will [Duncan of Queensberry Events] had some templates on his website that we looked at, so that was good. That helped us decide where we were going to put the tables. We had the bar area in the marquee itself, so we got his whisky barrels for people when they were standing at the bar – that worked really well. The Steamboat Inn from Carsethorn did the bar and they did a great job!

Natural and rustic…

A: Everything was quite rustic. We did our invites by ourselves with craft card and Stuart's tartan on it, the Douglas tartan. The flowers were things like thistles. The style wasn't exactly "thrown together", but nothing was perfect. We had bunting round the edge of the marquee and big milk churns at the entrance.

S: It was kind of farmery, with the wellies on the tables.

Dress to impress…

A: Colour-wise, our bridemaids were in pink and the napkins on the tables were tied with pink bows, and the flower girls had gold sequenced dresses on. My dress was gold underneath with an ivory overlay from Charlotte Boyd.

S: We rented our Blue Arrochar tweed jackets and Modern Douglas tartan kilts from Stewart Highland Falkirk.

A: Our wedding date was actually picked by when my make-up artist was free! Hannah Mason did my make-up and Sonya McQueen at the White House Hair Salon did my hair.

Almost blown away…

A: The weather the whole of the night before couldn't have been any worse, it was awful. It was so windy, it was blowing a gale.

S: The next morning I was awake at 4am and up checking the marquee, but there was nothing to worry about - it was absolutely fine. And then the weather came good and it was sunny!

A: It turned out to be a beautiful day.

Good food and great beats…

S: The Green Tea Room did the catering for the main meal. Angie's mum did a massive evening buffet and she also made the cake – she has her own cafe in Dalbeattie called DeCaff.

A: We had a band called Fortebeat, from Airdrie, and they were great. We were so lucky to find them. We got engaged on September 1, and the week after that we went on holiday and literally spent the whole week planning because we knew we wanted to do it quite quickly, with us being into shows with the horses and cows etc, so we wanted to have it before show season. All the bands we knew were already booked so we went to a night at the Lochside House Hotel where Fortebeat were showcasing and just booked them that night because they were so good.

S: They did a great range of music from all the eras. I don't think they had played in a marquee before but they had such a good time they played for an extra hour and the place was bouncing! Everybody was up dancing.

Paradise for kids…

A: It was great for the kids – they were playing in the long grass with the sashes off the end of the pews at the church, using them as ribbons. It was lovely to get photos of that. You didn't need to worry about them, you could see them all the time through the windows.

Plotting the future…

S: We would definitely recommend a marquee wedding, there was something that was just so nice about getting it ready for the wedding.

A: It did exactly what we wanted - it kept everyone together. We have had quite a few people come and say to us how much they loved our wedding that are now getting married, and they are looking into marquee weddings as well, but they are not as lucky as us to have a plot on our back doorstep!

What we actually hired from Queensberry Event Hire:

12x30m Queensberry Wedding Marquee French Doors, suspended wooden flooring throughout, Ivory roof, wall and pole linings, 42m of panoramic clear walls with 3 Montreux chandeliers on dimmer controls. And fairy light canopy over dance floor. Two 30kva generators; luxury toilet block, 6x6m cater tent, 160 chiavari chairs, 16 5.6ft round tables, 2 lime wash bar units, 10 6ft tables, PA system, space heater, 100m pro floor, 25 shepherds hooks, 100m of festoon lights

Blog: Claire Henderson

Photo Credits: Craig Dawson,

Queensberry Event Hires Guide to Marquee Hire Prices

Katy Coltart - Monday, February 13, 2017

Hiring a marquee can be expensive and for most people an unfamiliar experience. Below, we attempt to help you answer some basic questions about marquees that we hope will help you decide if a marquee is the right option for you.

How much does it cost to hire a marquee?

How long is a piece of string? The prices on our marquee price list range from £400 to over £5000. These prices include matting, standard lighting, delivery and set up, and, for the higher of the two prices for each size, marquee lining as well. Furniture will need to be factored on top. Unfortunately, working out how much your marquee will cost isn't always totally straightforward.

  • The quickest way to get an rough idea of prices is to request a quote from us. Include plans for your event: seated area for how many? Bar and dance floor space? Night guests?
  • Another simple way is to use the fact that marquees typically cost between £15 and £50 per person. The lower price is for a basic unlined marquee with matting, simple lighting and furniture. The higher price would be for the marquee with absolutely everything - hard floor, carpet, special lighting, chill out areas etc. Most marques fall within the £20 to £30 bracket. So pick a number that seems about right for the sort of marquee you want and then multiply that by the number of guests you expect. That will give you a rough idea of the cost of a marquee.
  • For a rough guide, we also have a few sample marquee hire prices of different event types available.
  • You will then need to add furniture and accessories on top of this. We have a range of decorations available in our Hire Collection

For an accurate marquee hire price, please feel free to contact us. Or you can request a quote, giving as much detail as possible for your event.