How to Keep Your Guests Cool at a Summer Wedding

Katy Coltart - Thursday, June 22, 2017
You’re finally planning the idyllic summer wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Think wildflowers, warm sunshine and teary eyed in-laws.

But we’ll hazard a guess that a dose of sunstroke and a pair of singed thighs weren’t on your list of favours.

Because as much as it’s ‘your’ day, we know you want your loved ones to remember your wedding day for the right reasons.

With everything from guest hydration to small marquee hire - we show you how to avoid those sizzling ceremony faux-pas and keep your guests cool for an epic summer wedding.

Before the Big Day

Get real on those invites.

Forewarning guests of your plans for the day will help avoid an uncomfortable ceremony. If your summer wedding will include an outdoor ceremony where there is minimal shade, be sure to highlight this so that your loved ones can prepare and dress appropriately.

Don’t forget to show your guests you are thinking of them! If you will be booking a small marquee hire to provide a shaded area, let them know. Older guests and those with small children will feel more relaxed knowing they can cool off if they need to.

Before the ceremony

Everyone has illusions of their wedding day being the one where everything runs to time, the bride appears just as the guests are seated and the ceremony itself is swift and irresistibly sweet.

But even the best-laid plans can go awry. So if you’re planning for a short 15-minute ceremony in the height of summer, make sure you prepare to keep your guests comfortable - even if there is a delay.

Consider small marquee hire

Even if you’re throwing a big marquee reception, a smaller marquee can provide a welcome shaded area on a hot summer’s day. Our pagoda marquees come in sizes starting from just 6 x 6m with standing room for 54 people or space to host a ceremony with 40 guests! These pint-sized luxury marquees also offer a budget friendly solution for post-ceremony tipples or a place for guests to cool off before or after an outdoor ceremony.

Set-up for sun protection.

You can add a personal touch by providing your own customised sunglasses, bottles of suncream or parasols to protect your guests from the sun and provide a momento of the day. Make these little extras available for guests to pick up as they arrive at the venue.


During the ceremony.

Place coolers packed with ice water and fruity infusions strategically at the end of the isles. Hydrated guests are happy guests! And when they migrate to the bar after the ceremony, consider starting guests off with a low alcohol cocktail or beer to help them rehydrate after their stint in the sun.

No burnt bums.

Don’t have guests on the edge of their seats for the wrong reasons. Avoid metal and even wooden seating options for summer days. Instead, opt for fabric seating options or invest in fabric seat cushions to keep your guests comfortable during the ceremony.

After the ceremony

Rehydrate: avoid the hard stuff.

It might sound like a drag, but kicking off the festivities with a lower ABV beverage can actually make for a happier experience all round. Dehydration can make people irritable and light headed, so offering lower alcohol refreshments will help to revitalise guests after a stint in the sun. You can have fun with this by including mocktails for wee ones and teetotallers, too!

Posh ice poles

If there’s one thing wedding guests love, it’s a touch of nostalgia! Especially if it’s edible. Classic ice-poles are a fun reception appetiser that can be enjoyed by everyone. Their plastic wrappers make them (reasonably) clean and easy to eat whilst mingling post-ceremony.

Posh ice-poles are super easy too. Jump on the latest trend for prosecco-pops or try designing your own cocktail-inspired ice lollies by mixing your favourite tipples with fresh fruit or fizz for a signature treat.

Want to throw an epic summer wedding that you and your guests will remember - for all the right reasons?

Get in touch with our events experts who can talk you through everything from the most appropriate seating options to festoon lighting to illuminate your small marquee hire.

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