Depending on your personality type, planning your own wedding could be your idea of a militarily-precise heaven or your ultimate logistical nightmare. But as with most events, the most daunting part of planning a wedding is usually deciding where to begin.

We always advise our clients to ‘begin at the beginning’ - but where exactly is that? Here are 3 practical places to start when planning your big day.

Set Your Budget

Knowing exactly how much you have set aside for your big day can help you decide on the size of your guest list, which venues to consider and how many extras you’ll be looking into - the big things that will really shape the course of your planning process.

Make a list of all your necessary spends and allocate a portion of your budget to each. For example, how much are you willing to fork out for your dream venue, catering and music? This way, you won’t waste time looking through thousands of optional extras that you haven’t allowed for (if only it was that easy!) or agonising over price lists if money is no object.

If you’re planning a low-key, handmade-style wedding be sure to factor in enough time in your planning schedule for putting things together like seating plans, crafty centrepieces and handwritten place cards.

Pick Your Theme

The low-key, vintage wedding is a timeless wedding theme that’s been very much in-vogue recently. It’s a great way to give your big day a quaint, intimate feel without blowing the budget. But, unless you’re handing everything over to a local events company, these things take time.

When choosing your theme, first ask yourself this: “What do we want our wedding to say about us?” Many couples prefer something traditional or low-key - and that’s absolutely fine - but if you want to throw a superhero-themed reception or a roaring 20’s Gatsby-esque ball, then deciding on your theme will help you decide which invites to send, how to arrange your venue, whether to have a wedding band or hire a dance floor and even what will be on the menu.

It’s easy to see how choosing your theme quickly throws up your next set of ‘to-dos’.

Choose Your Venue

Not married to a certain theme, date or budget? The location you choose can go a long way to shaping any event. An outdoor wedding in July might lend itself perfectly to a BBQ followed by a barn dance, whereas a lochside wedding in November will call for a cosy, inside space for your meal and reception.

You might love the idea of tieing the knot on a sandy, Caribbean shore - but can you realistically expect all your friends and relatives to get there? Considering the logistics of the trip for your guests will avoid undue stress and aggravation down the line and help ensure that those close to you are able to share your special day.

If you’re getting married abroad, this is a good place to start as you’ll need to secure your venue in good time so that travel arrangements can be finalised in advance.

Any good wedding planner will offer you an initial consultation at the venue you are interested in and be able to talk you through your options and give you ideas. If you are flexible when it comes to dates, you can often secure a winter-deal on some of the country’s most exclusive wedding venues, too.

Our most important takeaway for would be wedding planners is this: Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed! There will be lots to decide on, but everyone has to start somewhere. Take time to think about what’s most important to you (that could be budget, theme, venue or location) then let this shape your next steps, one at a time.

If you’re looking for a helping hand in planning your big day, our friendly team are always on hand with help and advice on everything you’ll need - from choosing from some of Scotland’s most beautiful wedding venues to putting those finishing touches to your wedding marquee.

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Weddings at Dalswinton Estate

Katy Coltart - Friday, August 25, 2017
Think legends of the Scottish monarchy, rolling forestry and vast enchanting moorlands… Sounds like the magical location you’ve been looking for?
Dream Wedding Venues in Dumfries

It’s no secret that the team here at Queensberry Events are a wealth of local knowledge. But when planning your big day, you might not be lucky enough to live a stone’s throw away from your dream venue. That’s why we’re partnered with some of the most exclusive venues and breathtaking locations throughout Scotland and Northern England.
With so many amazing wedding venues in Dumfries alone, we’ve decided to feature our newest venue in this week’s blog.

The Historic Dalswinton Estate

From the distinctive Watchman clump of trees atop the Dalswinton Moor, the estate stretches through dense forest and rolling hills down to the Northern floodplain of the River Nith. A strategic location, it was used both by Scottish King, Robert the Bruce and his rivals, during their tussle for the crown in the fourteenth century.
Marquee Weddings in the Walled Garden
The winding paths and surrounding trees make Dalswinton Estate’s charming walled garden the perfect site for your wedding marquee. Set your reception in an enchanted forest, day or night, using outdoor lighting and one of our clear sided marquees. The garden setting naturally lends itself to a chic, country style wedding. Why continue the theme inside with your own floral centrepieces and marquee decorations?

Ceremonies in Dalswinton Church

Nestled within the grounds of Dalswinton lies the red Barony Church. Only 5 minutes away from our marquee site in the walled garden, it’s just the place for couples seeking an intimate wedding venue in Dumfries.

Wedding Photographs by the Loch

If you’ve ever attended a lochside wedding, you’ll already know that there’s something quite magical in the serenity of the water’s edge. The walled garden at Dalswinton opens up onto the lochside making it the ideal location for capturing those special memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.
Couples searching for an exclusive country wedding venue in Dumfries are invited to contact us to arrange a viewing. Realise your dream wedding with the help of our experienced event planners at this spectacular rural escape, just 7 miles from Dumfries.

The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2017

Katy Coltart - Friday, August 11, 2017
Whether you’re having a small intimate ceremony or a hosting a two-day matrimonial do, an unforgettable wedding requires something special.
Here are the hottest new trends that are taking (or just about to take) the wedding market by storm! From bridal fashion to totally fabulous marquee decoration ideas, check out our ones to watch.

Bridal Capes

If Gal Gadot’s fiery feminist performance has got you hot under the collar, you are going to love the latest bridal trend. These feminine floor length draperies are reminiscent of a traditional bridal veil, but begin at the shoulders and flow all the way down to the train of the dress.
What else is on trend? Pastel wedding dresses and metallic, beaded gowns.

Natural Decor

If the thought of an exclusively outdoor wedding has you sending for the smelling salts, jump on the latest trend for weddings that are bringing the outside in. This year it’s all about sumptuous floral centrepieces, potted trees and beautiful wreaths suspended from the ceiling. One of our absolute favourite marquee decoration ideas is to use a panoramic clear frame marquee in a traditional walled garden setting, then mirror the indigenous plants and flowers of the garden inside.
What else is on trend? Vintage glamour and rustic, barn dance themes.

Project Your Theme

Want to turn the grand ballroom into an enchanted forage? Image mapping technology allows you to project moving images or creative lighting across the walls and ceiling of your venue, completely transforming the space. The best part is you can go with totally different effects for your daytime celebrations and evening reception, setting an entirely different tone for each event.

On a budget? LED up-lights are a great way to get creative with lighting both inside and outside your venue, just be sure to choose colours that work with your theme and you’ll have no problem setting the mood when the sun goes down.
What else is on trend? Live-stream ceremonies, antler chandeliers and custom Snapchat filters.
Want to keep your wedding ahead of the curve? Our amazing events team are on hand to help. Whether you’re going for a traditional, rustic theme or an achingly glamorous vintage venue - we are brimming with unique marquee decoration ideas and lighting inspiration that will illuminate your big day.

Get in touch with us today and let’s plan a wedding that’s unmistakably you.

5 Reasons Why We Love Winter Weddings

Katy Coltart - Tuesday, July 25, 2017
But can a winter wedding really compete with a sizzling summer ceremony? Here’s 5 reasons that will make you fall completely in love with your own winter wonderland.
  1. Baby, it’s cold outside. Unlike a ceremony held in the heat of the summer sun, your winter wedding won’t leave you and your guests a hot mess. No flies and no burnt thighs. Getting hitched when there’s a crunch underfoot can actually be much more enjoyable because nobody is fighting to keep their face from dripping onto their shoes. It also means more dancing - not only is a burl round the dance floor a great way to warm up, but partygoers won’t overheat so quickly and they can, of course, indulge in a little pre-shindig ‘nip’ to get things started.

  1. Snow White for a night. Are you a classic beauty, with rose red lips and soft mahogany locks? If so, you’ve probably spent most of the summer season frantically slapping on factor fifty and hiding under a parasol. Winter weddings were made for porcelain skinned brides. Accentuate your natural features by embracing the winter theme, contrasting whites and ivories with the deep plums, full reds and rich evergreen tones synonymous with the winter season. And if you’re holding out for a white wedding, look north. Let us source your winter wonderland from the most exclusive wedding venues in Dumfries and Galloway. We might not be able to promise you snow, but we can promise that the chill in the air will only enhance naturally rosy pink cheeks for a truly spellbinding blushing bride.

  1. Dancing in the moonlight. There are few things more romantic than a candlelit waltz under the stars. Our clearspan frame marquees allow us to fit clear, 5m span roof sections, perfect for hosting an enchanting moonlit dinner and dancing under the night sky. Before the sun sets, our clear framed marquees will enhance your reception with a panoramic view of your surroundings. Let the outside in with hanging winter garlands and intimate candlelit dinner tables. Then guide family and friends into your reception as night falls, by edging paths with subtle LED uplighters to mirror the glittering night sky.

  1. The venues dreams are made of. Whether they’ve fallen for the hilltop views of the Pink Palace or are dreaming of lochside nuptials at Dalswinton, it’s not uncommon for couples to fall in love with one of our exclusive wedding venues in Dumfries and Galloway. But when they’re working at short notice or on a tighter budget, opting for a winter date can be a practical solution for securing their dream venue. Some venues and suppliers will offer winter packages and discounts, especially for mid-week weddings. The upshot to this is that many people take time off during this period anyway, so holding a weekday wedding with minimal hassle is totally doable. Plus, everyone will be looking forward to yuletide celebrations and ready to let their hair down - tis the season to be jolly, after all!

  1. Finally, hot things up with a winter honeymoon. Go for a winter wedding and winter sun will follow! You can pick up some great deals on winter holiday packages to the Caribbean, New Zealand and the Maldives at this time of year. Just be careful to avoid booking during peak holiday times when prices will spike significantly. You’ll miss a few weeks of winter back home and come back sun-kissed and rejuvenated - what better way to start your life together than that?

Is there a magical winter wedding on your list this year? Our expert wedding planners are dab hands at bringing together unique events at some of Scotland’s most stunning wedding venues in Dumfries and Galloway. Let us take care of everything from your wedding venue and marquee hire to those all important finishing touches.

Contact us to request a quote and find us on Instagram for more winter wedding inspiration!