Clearspan Frame Wedding Marquee Hire - 2018 Launch

Brand new for 2018 - we are very excited to launch our new clearspan frame wedding marquee! Like all of our wedding marquees we have sourced a marquee extra special to wow our customers and your guests. 

Structurally (don't yawn) we have chosen an extremely strong frame marquee with 5m wide bays (distance between uprights of frame) and 3m leg height (height of side walls) this is far larger than standard marquees so it will give you a fuller and less interrupted view of your chosen spot. Additionally these frame marquees allow us the fit clear roof sections - which in a 5m bay looks amazing! These marquees also have no main poles (we like them but some don't) and can be built on hardstanding/Tarmac etc and can be fitted with a steel subframe suspended floor which means that we can level any surface!

These are all very important points when comparing types of marquees and company to company.

Our Clearspan marquee is available as a permanent venue in Dumfries, Scotland, From May-Sept annually - - Even if not considering this as a venue it is a good opportunity to see a marquee of ours in person when planning your marquee event elsewhere with us.

Clearspan Wedding Marquee

Superior structurally and visually to all other marquees, A Queensberry Marquee is a huge hit at weddings with many a varying theme. Fully panoramic roof, clear walls and many lighting and furniture options to create unique events.

Capable of hosting the largest of events and wedding receptions, this beautiful frame marquee is available in a standard width of 12m, side height of 3m and extendable in 5m sections.

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Panoramic Clear Roofs and walls

We love them, so should you.

With far less side and roof beams than a traditional marquee, every 5m compared to the normal 3m. And will a wall height of 3m. 

The clear walls and roof really transform your marquee setting. we can do the whole marquee roof and walls clear or any combination that suits - clear over dance floor only, or clear over seated area only etc.

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Flat White Interior Linings 

Our flat white interior roof and wall linings create a superb atmosphere and totally transform the interior of the marquee for a high class event. 

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Hanging lighting and Floral installations

Rigging our many beautiful hanging items is far easier and stronger in the frame marquee so we can add more and more! Request a quote and we will send our brochure with all the beautiful items we decorate these marquees with.

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LED Up-Lighting

LED Up-Lights LED floor uplights with a choice of colours. Recommend every 5m round the marquee to add atmosphere, especially at night with chandeliers dimmed.

Finishing touches

We have many finishing touches for these marquees -  Please get in touch for a quote and to receive our Finishing touches brochure for further information and prices.

Steel sub frame suspended flooring system

We price/supply our Glass doors as standard in order to seal the marquee from the great Scottish weather! 3m wide glass door unit with built in ramps - option to add the arched entrance or 3m or 6m Luxury pagoda in front of the door unit

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Entrance, Bar or Chill Out Marquee

Our 5x5m Luxury pagoda marquees can be joined to this frame marquees as an entrance, reception/bar or chill out area.

We can fit these with a clear roof, french doors, white or fully panoramic clear walls, ivory roof/wall linings, Up-lights (optional colours) or fairy lights wrapped round the high roof beams work well. Flowers hanging from the interior apex also work fantastically well when used as an entrance.

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